We are 40!
Well the travelling birthday parties were as mom said ‘successful’. Thank you to all who came to enjoy our food and our company.  Stay tuned there will be other events. It really was about celebrating you.  Our customers. We could have spent dollars on media advertising but we felt providing you , our customers, with Fife Bucks to spend as you wished was a better way to celebrate.  After all, it’s your dollars that have kept us in business for 40 years. Remember those coupons expire March 1.
As I hang out at the office today I am reminded of the oh so many unpredictable issues that can arise when in business. The till and all point of sales equipment are ‘down’ at one location. One delivery driver is away sick. A late order for 30 bag lunches came in and they all want soup  Oh, and yesterday one furnace had to be shut down and staff at one location had to close early because there was an area wide power outage. The good news is after being shorted turkey for over ten days we were notified we have an order coming in today. Yay!  Of course it takes time to roast and slice but there is hope.  And we can always go far on hope.
Our staff members are amazing. Whether it’s the office staff or those friendly faces you see behind the counter. They take a deep breath and do what needs to be done. They are resourceful. We often laugh at the time Anita had had enough with customer contact. She ran into the walk in cooler. Closed the door and just screamed. They come up with delicious ‘twists’ to their lunches. It might be as simple as adding Parmesan cheese to their tomato basil soup to whipping up a strawberry rhubarb cinnamon bun. We’ve had people like Donna who called Fife their second home for over 20 years. We have others spend their first year or two out of high school before going back for their post secondary only to return to come back for a visit and that turkey sandwich they miss. We couldn’t do it without them and we thank them for showing up and smiling every day.