Wow! Here it is well into the Dawg Days of Summer and August.  A little sad that time is passing but there is still time to pick up Peach Pie so that should bring a smile to your face.  Your taste buds will LOVE you.  Let me remind you to pick up a loaf of frozen sunflower dough while you are picking up your Peach Pie.  There is nothing sweeter than the aroma of freshly baked bread coming wafting through your kitchen.  And yes, you can bake bread. School lunches are on the horizon and in addition to that freshly baked bread remember we do have packages of our sliced meats – I mean if you don’t want to roast turkey we do it for our instore customers let us do it for your lunches too.  To start the day we also have some great muffin and scone mixes. Looking forward to September we will be welcoming Bumbleberry Pie and of course by September 13 Chili and Stew will be simmering in our steam tables.  Chili – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Friday’s chili is our vegan version of chili.  Beef stew is served Tuesday and Thursday.  Now remember you have to wait until mid September for these items. What you don’t have to wait for is Peach Pie.  I may have mentioned that before but it should be repeated and of course our regular selection of pies.  Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Raisin, Crumbleberry, Caramel Apple, Coconut Cream, Lemon Meringue…..check out our website for the entire list.  We cater too.  Catering trays or individually bagged lunches.  Give us a call the day before and we are happy to ensure we can accommodate your pie choice or your catering needs. On that note.  Thank you for selecting Fifendekel as the Gold recipient in the Catering category, Gold in the Soup Category and Platinum in the Sandwich and Subs Category in the Community Votes Edmonton 2021 survey.  We appreciate the votes of confidence you have given us and will do our very best to continue to make you proud of choosing Fife.

Open Monday – Friday 9-3 Dine in, Catering Delivery and Curbside Pickup

12028 – 149 street, 10646- 170 street, 3434- 99 street, 9114- 51 avenue

Open Saturday 9-3 

10646-170 street, 3434- 99 street, 9114 – 51 avenue. 

Call 780-465-4444 to place your orders. 

We look forward to seeing you very soon.  Oh, and if you are golfing in the Centre for Family Literacy Tournament we will see you on the lucky 13th hole.