We are coming up to 38 years in business. February 1,1983 we opened on 118 avenue and 42 street in Edmonton. Our menu consisted of McKays’s Ice Cream in cone and milkshake form, Apple, Blueberry and Cherry Pie, Cinnamon Buns and Bohnen(a sweet and sour Chili). Needless to say February and Ice Cream in Edmonton were not the best combination but by the summer we had a lineup of cyclists from Rundle Park who would stop by for an ice cream cone. Fast forward 38 years and we have four locations, a commissary, the privilege of providing lunch to the employees of a large construction company daily and we are looking forward to some new opportunities in the coming year. Sandwiches have replaced ice cream and the list of pies available has increased. Every month we feature a pastry treat. Often this in pie form but some months, such as February, the feature is in the form of a tart. February is Cherry Cheese Tart time. Oh, you must indulge. And, you must pick up a six pack or two to share as well. Cradled in our pie pastry a creamy cloud is topped with a mound of our delicious cherry pie filling. One is never enough. I was asked by one of our customers to remind people that we roast all the beef and the turkey for your sandwiches. Our staff boil and peel hundreds of eggs every year for your egg salad sandwiches and they peel even more apples than eggs yearly to make the filling for your apple pie. If you are on a vegan diet we have a few in house features for you as well. Try our crushed chick pea sandwich or pop in on Friday’s and try the vegan chili. Join us at one of the locations (9114-51 avenue, 3434-99 street, 10646-170 street, 12028-149 street) Monday – Friday from 9-3. Our locations on 99 street and 170 street are open Saturday’s as well from 9-3. All locations are closed on Statutory holidays and Sundays. Following Alberta Health regulations we currently offer take out, curbside pick up and catering delivery. We are all looking forward to when we can once again welcome you to dine in but until then know that a fast, friendly and flavourful lunch is still available. We are but a phone call away ….780-465-4444