Wow, the year is more than halfway thru.  2020 has meant a great many changes.  Some things fortunately remain the same like our July feature Pie – Saskatoon Pie.  This is a prairie favourite and a favourite for many of our Fifendekel friends.  Enjoy a slice or pick up a whole pie and share it with your family….perhaps on a picnic. Whether you are heading out on a picnic or hosting a meeting at work or on line consider our “Lunch in a Bag” option.  It consists of individual sandwiches, a salad and a cookie or buttertart for dessert. (Drinks can also be added to the meal.)  Each lunch is bagged and labeled separately.  All of this significantly reduces contact and ensures everyone has a made to order lunch.  One of our customers orders “Lunch in a Bag” daily for the employees on site.  I can tell you employees appreciate the lunch and the manager has noted greater productivity because, the trip to the nearby drive thru, that usually ended up as an extended lunch break, is a thing of the past. We have a special debut at our location at 12028 – 149 st. and 9114 – 51 ave. from July 10 – 17. We are debuting Haskap Pie.  We are sourcing our berries from Rosy Farms located North of Edmonton.  Check it out but hurry – we expect to run out of Haskap pies daily.  We are open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.. Check out our website for our menu and daily features.  You can place your order by calling 780-465-4444. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

12028-149 st/10646-170 st/3434-99 st/9114-51 ave.