We are so excited to be able to welcome our customers to 12028 – 149 street.  We are re-joining our other locations (9114 – 51 ave./ 3434-99 st/10646-170 st.) in reopening.  The recent Federal Government announcement is good news for us and several of our staff as we are set to give it the old college try and keep people employed and provide you with another location to pick up Fifendekel delights. We have also added a few items for those of you who have taken up baking for your families that you might appreciate just picking up on your visit to our location at 9114 – 51 avenue.  We’ve got 20 kg of flour, 2 lb packages of yeast and you can purchase packages of our sandwich meat so you can make your own sandwiches at home.  Of course we continue to offer at all locations frozen cinnamon bun dough, frozen sunflower dough and frozen pie pastry.  Catch our facebook live events in mom’s kitchen to see how easy it is to have fresh cinnamon buns direct from your oven.