When Archimedes of Syracuse first calculated Pi around 212 BC. Pie Day March 14, 2020 (3.14) probably never crossed his mind but, here we are, ready to indulge in pie and all its ‘deliciousness’.  In this world of change one thing well, I guess two things, remain constant.
  1.  Pie is a delicious treat and Fifendekel has several ways of serving it up.  It’s great by the slice and even better if you take a pie home or back to work to share.  We typically slice our pies into 6 slices but 8 works and of course, if you have only one friend – slice the pie in half.
  2. While other national ‘holidays’ come to an end Pi Day actually doesn’t end.  Though Pi is not infinite in 2010 it was recorded to have 2.7 trillion digits.  That’s infinite for us.
So, whether you are celebrating Pi day on Friday, March 13 or Saturday, March 14 (3.14), or even Monday, March 16 we have Pie for you.  Call us at 780-465-4444 to have one made especially for you.