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Catering "New" Celebration Menu requires 48 hour notice.


Celebrations Seasonal Menu

Brown Sugar Dip and Fruit Brown Sugar dip with mandarin oranges, pineapple, grapes and pie pastry wedges.Serves 6-8 $32.00
Lemon Star Cookies bite size gluten-wise lemon cookies.24 cookies $19.00
Naughty and Nice Platter Combination of deviled eggs, smoked salmon on rye, goat cheese bacon balls and chipotle tarts.Serves 6-8 $30.00
Sausage and Cheese Platter Serves 8 -10 Aged cheddar, Jalapeno Havarti, peppered Salami, Genoi Salami and sweety drops. $50.00
Savory Crepes Mini Crepes. Salmon w/Capers,Italian Pesto, and Bacon n cheese.Serves 3 $15.00
Sticks and Dip Carrot, celery, cucumber, red pepper sticks, served with hummus and tzatziki dips.Serves 6-8 $26.00
Sweet Crepes Mini Crepes, Cherry delight, Chocolate dream and Creme d'blueberry.Serves 3 $15.00
Turkey Pot Pie Tarts Our Turkey Pot Pie filling in a flaky tart shell topped with croutons. 6 tarts $12.00

Catering Edmonton! Orders for delivery must be placed by 2:30pm the weekday prior.

Delivery service available Monday - Friday 10:30am - 2:00pm.
*Delivery is only available when ordering off the Catering Menu.
(A $5.00 delivery charge will be added to all deliveries)

Minimum order total amount to qualify for delivery:

  • Edmonton $85.00
  • Down Town $130.00
  • Sherwood Park/ Acheson $160.00
  • Nisku/St. Albert $235.00

Catering hotline hours: (M-F) 7:30am - 4:30pm
Phone: (780) 465-4444
Fax: (780) 465-7667


Breakfast Beginnings

Classic Cinnamon Buns Mom's favorite recipe $2.68 / Each
$26.40 / Platter of 12
Dekeled Eggs Herb-garnished mini ham and cheddar quiche $8.40 / Six Pack
$33.40 / Platter of 24
Mini Cinnamon Buns A smaller version of Mom's favorite recipe. $19.95 / Platter of 12
Muffins $1.55 / Each
$9.05 / Six Pack
$19.99 / Platter of 12
Breakfast Platters Price/Person
Baker's Breakfast Platter - An assortment of mini-cinnamon buns, muffins, and biscuits. Includes individual butter portions and a selection of individual spreads.(Minimum 6 Persons) Requires ordering day before. $4.49
Continental Breakfast Platter - "Fresh out of the oven" Muffins,Biscuits and Mini-Cinnamon buns - arranged with a selection of fresh fruit. Accompanied by individual butter portions.(Minimum 10 Persons) Requires ordering the night before. $4.95
Fruit Platter - Selection of fruit in season. (Minimum 8 Persons) Requires ordering the day before. $4.10

Main Choices

Lunch Bunch Combo Deli cuts and sandwich salad fillings on the freshest white and whole wheat bread. Choice of a veggies and dip platter or Tossed or Caesar or Marinated or Fruit salad or a hearty soup. Dessert selection platter featuring one famous butter tart and two dessert squares per person. Pop, Juice, or bottled water included.(Minimum 9 Persons) $14.75 / Per Person
Lunch is in the Bag Bag lunch for groups on the go includes a sandwich of choice on white or whole wheat , veggies and dip and a cookie. (Minimum 5 persons) $10.45 / Per Person
$12.45 / With Beverage
Moral Fibre Combo An assortment of breads and inspired spreads - a tray of sandwich nirvana. Accompanied with fruit salad and your choice of daily soup.Multiples of 7 $98.00 / Serves 7
Moral Fibre Deluxe Sandwich Platter An assortment of breads and inspired spreads - a tray of sandwich nirvana. (Serves 5-7) Requires ordering the day before. $51.99
Open Faced Buns Open faced fresh buns, consisting of Egg, Tuna and Chicken Salad. Platter consists on 24 pieces. (Serves 12)Requires 2 business days notice. $45.00 / per platter
Sandwich Platter An assortment of quartered sandwiches on thickly sliced white and whole wheat bread. With sliced dills on the side.(Minimum 5 Persons) $6.49 / Per Person
The Entertainer Platter An assortment of cold cuts, buns, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and mustard to create your own sandwich garnished with sliced dills. $105.00 / 12 Persons
Wrap Platter Full flavoured wraps. A variety tray of four types. 2 Turkey, 2 Beef, 1 Vegetarian and 1 Ham.Minimum order of 6. Available in increments of 3. Requires ordering the day before. $51.99 / platter of 6
$77.99 / platter of 9
Wrap n Roll Combo Full flavoured wraps.A variety tray of four types. 2 Turkey, 2 Beef, 1 Vegetarian and 1 Ham. Accompanied with your choice of Tossed or Caesar Salad/ cookie/ Pop,or,Juice, or Water. Minimum order of 6. Available in increments of 3. Requires ordering the day before. $93.90 / 6 persons
Beef and Cheese on a Bun Au jus includes your choice of Caesar or Tossed Salad. $67.50 / Serves 6
$135.00 / Serves 12
Chili with Side Salad and Bun Back in the fall. Requires 24 hours notice.
Stew with Side Salad and Biscuit Back in the fall.Requires 24 hours notice.

Followed By

Cheese n' Veggies Combination of fresh vegetables with dip and an assortment of cheeses.(Minimum 8 Persons)Requires ordering the day before. $4.15 / Per Person
Creamy Caesar Salad $4.25 / Individual Side
$8.75 / Entree with Slice of Bread
$55.00 / Serving Bowl (Serves 12)
Daily Feature Salad $3.15 / Individual Side
$40.00 / Serving Bowl (Serves 12)
Fresh Fruit Salad $3.50 / Individual Bowl
$55.00 / Serving Bowl (Serves 12)
Heartwarming Soup Steaming bowl of soup. $3.35 / Individual Bowl
Leafy Tossed Salad $3.15 / Individual Side
$40.00 / Serving Bowl (Serves 12)
Marinated Salad $3.50 / Individual bowl
$55.00 / Serving bowl(serves 12)
Mother Nature Platter (veggies, fruit and Dip) Requires ordering day before. $85.00 / Platter (serves 10-16)
Nibbler Platter (cheese, crackers and grapes)Requires ordering day before. $69.99 / Platter (serves 10-20)
Veggies n' Dip Platter Freshly cut crudites with a creamy dip.(Minimum 8 Persons)Requires ordering the day before. $2.90 / Per Person

Then Fifendekel's Finest Desserts

Pies! At Fifendekel, we're famous for our pie! Pies are sold whole or can be cut into 6's upon request. (Cream and Meringue pies cannot be cut and must be ordered the day before).
Choose from our daily selection or from our seasonal specialties... 15.99 - 65.00

Apple $16.99
Blueberry $16.99
Cherry $16.99
Raisin $16.99
Strawberry Rhubarb $16.99
Banana Cream $18.49
Chocolate Cream $18.49
Coconut Cream $18.49
Flapper $18.49
Lemon Meringue $18.49
Pecan $18.49
Sour Cream Apple $18.49
Sour Cream Blueberry $18.49
Sour Cream Strawberry Rhubarb $18.49
Brownie Squares extra large chewy brownies glazed with chocolate frosting(One Dozen Brownies on a Platter) $21.15
Cheese N' Fruit Platter seasonal fruit complimented with a selection of cheeses(Minimum 8 Persons) Requires ordering the day before. $4.50 / Per Person
Cookie Platter a tray of 24 freshly baked snack-sized cookies for the perfect afternoon perk up. $0.98 / individual (reg. size)
Cow Pies a rustic apple tart in a hand gathered pastry shell topped with butter crumble $1.95 / Each
$15.50 / Platter of 8
Dessert Platter Delicious Assortment of squares, our world famous butter tarts and monthly feature tarts.(Minimum 6 Persons) Requires ordering the day before. $2.95 / Per Person
Fruit Platter a selection of fruit in season(Minimum 8 Persons)Requires ordering the day before. $4.10 / Per Person
Perfect Endings seasonal fruit selection, classic square assortment and famous butter tarts(Platter Servers 10-14)Requires ordering the day before. $65.00
World Famous Butter Tarts $1.55 / Each
$8.75 / 6 pack
$17.50 / Platter of 12

Don't forget the beverages

Soft Drinks 300 ml cans $2.35
Juice 300 ml bottles $2.35
Bottled Water $1.78
'Milk to Go' white or chocolate 500 ml $2.99
Tea $1.79
Coffee Includes cream and sugar. Insulated disposable carafe (Serves 8). Insulated carafe (Serves 40-60). $25.00 / Serves 8
$80.00 / Serves 40
$100.00 / Serves 60